February 2013

From Jeanette Rawek:

Here are 2 pics of my 1st Helleborus. It finally dawned on me that this plant would be the “very thing” to brighten up a dark patch that I can see from my kitchen window.
Carol Henderson, Carroll McLaurin and myself attended Seedy Saturday in Qualicum Beach and I had no intention of buying anything, but the price was right on the hellebore and who can resist a primula that is striped.
Hopefully these 2 items will prove to be just as bountiful one year from now.

Click on one of the photos to enlarge

From Carolyn Wilson:

I know there are not too many garden pics to post at this time of year but thought I’d share what is going on at my house and the link to more info.    I am trying out winter sowing this year.  I saved all my milk jugs this winter and now have cut them open leaving a hinge, poked drainage holes and filled them with soil and voila mini greenhouses.  It’s nice and toasty inside and lots of light comes thru with just a little rain through the pour spout. Things are already sprouting!

Here is the link where I got the idea http://www.agardenforthehouse.com/2012/11/winter-sowing-101-6/

milk jug greenhouses

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