2013 – July and August Garden Tours

The Ladysmith Saltair Garden Club thanks those who are opening their gardens for our viewing pleasure.

Thursday, July 4th
6pmFirst stop: Come to the garden of Doug and Millicent Neimes. Doug has landscaped this garden from scratch after many hours of labour and rock hauling. Enjoy the plantings and other garden features that Doug and Millicent have put into place.
Where:  833 Hayden Place.
This relatively new address is not recognized by some versions of Google. Here is one way to get there:

  • Head up Symonds Street which becomes Dunsmuir Crescent
  • At the T junction turn right onto Malone Rd (note that Colonia Gardens is on your left at this corner and that will be our second stop) You could park on Malone and walk between the gardens if you prefer.
  • Turn left on Colonia Drive into the new subdivision, Holland Creek Estates.

Cul-de-sac at first left is Hayden Place.

Followed by second stop: Walk or drive back down to Colonia Gardens, where Nicki and Wilf Lockstead are now living and gardening. Nicki hosted a great garden visit at her previous home on much different terrain. Nicki has put her stamp on this garden through her hard work, love of plants and gardening skills.
Where: #18- 815 Dunsmuir Crescent (Colonia Gardens)


Thursday, August 15th
6:30 pm –  Sandra Wilson has graciously agreed to allow the club to view her garden, hoping that her dahlia display will be blooming when we arrive. Thanks to Donna Ferguson for arranging the visit.
Where: 1650 Egglington

  • On the Island Highway, heading toward Nanaimo, use signage for Kleijn’s Nursery as a guide.
  • Turn right on Morden Rd at lights
  • Right onto Main
  • Egglington is on left, but her garden is on your right
  • Large boat at end of drive.

If you get to Kleijn’s Nursery, you have gone too far.


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