2013 – Horticulture Centre of the Pacific – workshops

From the Gardens
Jane Tice, Retail Director
Horticulture Centre of the Pacific
505 Quayle Rd., Victoria BC, V9E 2J7
T: 250-479-6162 F: 250-479-6047

Workshops – Call to register (250) 479-6162

Succulent Hanging Basket
Saturday May 18th 1 pm – 3 pm
Can anything be easier than succulent gardening? Come and create a long lasting hanging basket with echeverias, sedums and sempervivums. Linda Petite will offer some general instruction and then each participant will design and create their own unique basket.
All materials included.
HCP members $50.00
Non-HCP Members $70.00

Container Vegetable Gardening
Saturday May 11th  1 pm – 3 pm
Linda Petite will teach you how to grow a wide variety of beautiful vegetables in containers and how to utilize vertical gardening to save space and maximize yield.
The session will cover:

  • how to start & maintain a container garden
  • which soil mixes & fertilizers work best
  • the do’s & don’ts of watering (could be a full course in itself)
  • how to choose the best varieties
  • how to trellis your favourite vining vegetables.

Join us for this fun, hands-on workshop, plant a container that you can take home and harvest for the freshest salad you’ll ever taste!
HCP Members $35.00
Non-HCP Members $50.00

Tomato Day!
Saturday May 25th  9 am – 12 noon
Come and join the fun for our first ever day devoted to the glorious tomato. We will have experts on hand to answer all your questions on growing and preserving tomatoes. We will have lots of unusual starts for sales and some potted up in larger containers ready to thrive.

Propagation from Cuttings
Saturday June 1st 1 pm – 4 pm
Greenhouse expert Linda Petite will teach this comprehensive course on propagation from cuttings. She will cover: set-up including materials required, how & when to take cuttings and aftercare. Participants are encouraged to bring what they would like to propagate.  Please call for instructions on how to collect material.  All will go home with a great collection for their gardens!
Fee includes all material & the text  Cuttings through the Year.
HCP Members $45.00
Non-HCP Members $60.00

From the College
Laura Biggs, Program Facilitator
Pacific Horticulture College
Horticulture Centre of the Pacific
505 Quayle Rd., Victoria BC, V9E 2J7
T: 250-479-3210 F: 250-479-6047

  • Online Botany 1 course running May 13 – June 16.  This is a great introduction to the basic biology of plants as per the Level 1 Apprenticeship curriculum.  Please visit hcp.ca/moodle/ for more details, or email collegeadmin@hcp.ca.  Registration deadline is Tuesday May 7.
  • The next part-time program course is Plant Identification 1, starting May 21 and running for four weeks.  This is a great opportunity to learn scientific plant nomenclature and some key plants in this region, as taught by Jackie Hiebert.  Check out the part-time program website for dates and fees.
  • Already completed Level 3 of the Apprenticeship program?   The College is scheduling a part-time Level 4 program starting in mid-summer and running until early December.  Stay tuned for updates!

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