November 28

The Ladysmith Saltair Garden Club will celebrate the festive season with our annual


Thursday, December, 5th 2013

Please arrive at the Ladysmith United Church Hall at 5:30 pm
equipped with your usual sense of fun and:
      • main course, salad or dessert for the pot luck supper
      • any dishes, utensils, and cups needed to enjoy the meal and
      • a garden related gift in the $10 range for under the tree.
      • a non perishable food bank donation
The club will provide coffee, tea and punch. Bring your own favourite beverage if desired.
Enjoy the “interactive” games followed by an equally entertaining gift exchange
supervised by Santa.
The set-up crew, (Hendersons, Jeanette, Shamim, Nicki and Joanne)
will meet at the hall at 1:30pm on Thursday, 5th.
 Guests are very welcome.

HO! HO! HO! 




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